Aktive und Passive

Active and passive security in the automotive area

Occupants protection

  • Frontal crash: the vehicle drives with a speed of 64km/h and impacts lateral transferred as frontal collision on a deformable barrier.
  • Side crash: a driving barrier with 50km/h speed impacts lateral with a vehicle
  • Pale crash: with 30km/h speed the vehicle impacts laterally near the driver on a steel pale.Pfahlcrash: Mit 30 km/h prallt das Fahrzeug seitlich auf der Höhe des Fahrers auf eine Stahlsäule.
  • Rear crash: examination security of headrest, occupant restraint system and airbags on all seats in order to protect the cervical spine.

Child protection

  • Examination tests with childs fixed in a isofix-system or special breaker

Passenger protection

  • Crash with pedestrian: with a speed of 40km/h several tests with dummies will be executed

Our products for the passive driving safety:

AIS sensors for active security

Systems which intervenes into the driving safety in order to avoid accidents or help to deactivate critic situations are active systems

Important aspects for active security are:

  • Driving stability:
    It´s the result of chassis concerning drive concept, suspension and curve stability. Additional steer precision, braking power and braking stability

  • Condition type:
    Strains on passenger happened through vehicle vibrations, noises, noises from chassis and engine as well as climatic influences

  • Cognition safety:
    Better results will be reached with a good interior and outside illumination without blind spots and improved view on the back and around the vehicle 

  • Operating safety:
    Excellent ergonomics, logic adjustments of all operating lever and switcher for illumination, windscreen wiper, air condition or infotainment. All mentioned elements should be reached excellent from the vehicle driver

The combination of active and passive security allows optimum passenger protection all inside the vehicle

AIS Sensoren für aktive Sicherheit

Unsere Produkte für die aktive Fahrsicherheit: